TFTWS Meditation #1

"It seems like we’re either showing off, or hiding. 
Those deciding, create dividing. 
Siding always, never guiding 
Loud opinions — with no movement. 
Idealising –– with no improvement.
Eager rage through a screened cage
–– But face to face, not a trace."

More coming soon

TFTWS Podcast (coming soon)

Innovative creatives, artists, coaches, philosophers, psychologists, health & wellbeing experts, spiritual entrepreneurs, alternative medicine practitioners, yogi's, reiki healers & genuinely conscious and inspired souls - There is a new podcast opportunity - ‘Thoughts For The Woken Soul’ is aimed at creating solely conscious, inspired content that elevates, heals, benefits, teaches, and advances all who come into contact with it. This new movement is spreading in a few amazing directions, and it’s important to have talented, high-frequency individuals and groups involved to make a difference, and charge those who are in want or need of some pure, loving, warm energy. TFTWS (Thoughts For The Woken Soul) is innately creative, imaginative, real, and aligned with the nurturing of self-awareness, and consciousness. 

If this is something that resonates with you, and you feel you have something to bring to the process, please get in touch, and we can discuss further. This can be done remotely. A great way to speak about something you’re purposeful about, and connect with those that want to listen. This is a global movement - so anyone, and everyone can connect if they so choose.

Please contact me, and tell me what you do / would like to speak about, and I’ll get back to you  :)

A greeting from my soul to yours, 


© Rocio Belinda Mendez